Dr. Barry Logan Testifies To Bad Protocols For Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict

Casey Anthony was found not guilty when forensic science evidence was shown to not meet the beyond a reasonable doubt standard.  By now you probably know the story of the trial and the tragic death of a beautiful child, which I won’t repeat.  It seems that many news stories simply want to repeat the gory details of the death of innocence.

What’s news for Washingtonians is that Dr. Barry Logan, our celebrated State Toxicologist who resigned in shame in 2008 after the fraud scandal at our own state lab, testified for Casey Anthony in favor of the not guilty verdict.  You may remember that bad protocols was part of the problem at the lab in Washington.

Dr. Logan, now a defense expert, testified essentially to two things:  1) bad protocols, and 2) other sources of chloroform.  His report indicates that the chloroform source could have been the drinking water or a pool.  Here are parts of his report: